What Can The Cheese Snob Do For You?


The proper training of cheese department staff involves far more than showing your employees how to use the scale and where to find plastic wrap. The successful selling of cheese is akin to the successful selling of wine: the employee must know the ins and outs of the product. The work of a cheesemonger is arguably more labor-intensive than that of a wine dealer, because the cheesemonger has to know how to properly cut, wrap, and store the product. To be successful, both need comprehensive training.

I'm not telling you anything you don't already know.

And you're not telling me anything I don't know when you say: But I hardly have time to show them where to find the plastic wrap!

With my vast amounts of cheese knowledge (of the actual product as well as how to sell it), my ability to explain it to anyone , and my entertaining, conversational manner, I am an effective trainer and teacher. I've trained staff who arrived knowing nothing, and I've trained seasoned staff who needed more information on the intricacies of the product and less on the mechanics of production.  

I will provide on-site training of your cheese department staff on any or all of the following topics, and more:

•  The Mechanics of Production: proper cutting, knife skills, wrapping, labeling.

•  Inventory Management: building a display, caring for the cheeses, quality control

•  Being a Cheesemonger: cheese-specific customer service; basic, intermediate, and advanced cheese knowledge

To reinforce all that I've taught them, I provide written materials for each "student." I also provide you with lists and booklets for day-to-day use by the staff, for example: a list of all of your cheeses that are suitable for vegetarians, and what that means.

If your store also sells wine, I can also provide a wine expert to accompany me during the training of your staff. Additional fees apply. Please contact us

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